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The FDA has issued a warning in regards to a popular nasal decongestant, one that could cause heart damage if misused.

Over the counter medications are consumed when experiencing a wide variety of symptoms, whether that’s a common cold, headaches, stomach aches or any type of physical pain. These medications tend to have a fixed spot in our medicine cabinets, with the majority of us believing that they’re safe since they don’t require a doctor’s prescription. But all medicines come with their fair share of risks, especially when used too often.

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p class=”gallery-title-text”>The nasal spray has a warning on its label that indicates the risks which stem from a chemical called propylhexedrin, which is absorbed when used and can result in dangerous levels of blood pressure. Nasal decongestant sprays are traditionally used to relieve nasal congestion, which can occur when experiencing a cold, allergies, fevers and more.

Benzedrex, should be used according to its guidelines, which are indicated on its label. Two sprays should be administered in each nostril every two hours and limited to a three day usage.

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