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‘Weed Day,’ better known as 420 Day, or simply 4/20, is observed on — you guessed it — April 20 by many aficionados of cannabis. In the states where marijuana has been legalized, hordes of connoisseurs head to festivals or their local dispensaries to celebrate. But the coronavirus outbreak has derailed plans for thousands. Luckily, you don’t have to smoke a doobie to mark the occasion. Here’s our list of seven classic stoner flicks to enjoy on 4/20, plus a little background on the weed holiday.

The origin story of 420 Day, aka Weed Day
Weed, Mary Jane, pot, bud, and 420 all mean the same thing — marijuana. Each of the nicknames for the herb has its own roots, but the term 420 has a particularly interesting origin story, as reported by Time.

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