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“We Baby Boomers think we’re going to die without getting old,” an insightful colleague told me recently. At the time, we chuckled at the folly of our generation. But lately I am starting to think that we may actually be able to pull it off. “Getting old” is just as much a state of mind as a chronological reality. And feeling good, vital and optimistic are not only the prerogatives of youth. As millions of Baby Boomers consider the quality of how they will live out the rest of their lives, cannabis could play a significant part in their aging-without-getting-old process.

Healing with cannabis, like any other plant medicine, invites us to engage in an unmediated relationship between natural sources and our own well-being. And a trip to Humboldt County, California, the heartland and spiritual home of cannabis, is an excellent way to appreciate the plant’s medicinal powers.

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