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Presented by CBDStudy, a CBD research publication. CBDStudy may earn a commission from purchases made from the links in the article. However, all reviews are based on transparency and reviews are not influenced by monetization.Royal CBD’s marketing focuses on transparency, and the company aims to create a sense of security with every purchase you make. The company wants you to be able to read it “like a book,” and it does that—by plastering volumes of text across every page. At first, the straightforward website is a refreshing change from those of most companies, which hide information beneath flashy branding or pages busy with graphics.

However, when you start looking for substance behind all the buzzwords, the site offers little— and customers are left wondering if the company is as worthy of their trust as it claims to be. Though Royal CBD boasts a meticulous tracing and third-party testing system, there are no lab results to be found anywhere on the website. You can contact customer service to request the latest batch results for the product you are considering, but a truly transparent company would have third-party lab results easily accessible right on the website.

When a CBD company doesn’t readily share its lab results on its website, it gives rise to speculations. Because of the newness of CBD as a popular wellness product, there are still plenty of companies out to make a quick buck by cutting corners and using deceptive marketing.

Maybe the CBD has pesticides or heavy metals present. Or maybe it just does not contain the labeled amount of CBD. None of these are the case with Royal, however. Our trusted independent lab results show that their oil is labeled accurately, and is pure and free of pesticides and heavy metals.

The only complaint that we have about the quality of Royal CBD is that its full-spectrum formula is not very well-rounded or potent. For hemp-derived CBD to be legal, it must contain 0.3 percent THC or less, but the best full-spectrum oils should be close enough to that line to kiss it. This one is too far away to even give it a high-five.

Additionally, there are not enough minor cannabinoids present at a concentration strong enough to produce much of an entourage effect—the famous effect most people are seeking when they spend extra money on their CBD. However, robust full-spectrum products are rare—even when companies advertise their CBD as such—and Royal CBD is honest regarding concentration.


Strong customer-service department
Website is easy to navigate
Thirty-day money-back guarantee
Free shipping on all orders, with no minimum purchase
Easy-to-understand products


Lab results are not available directly from the website
Prices are higher than average

About Royal CBD

Based in Anaheim, California, Royal CBD was originally a craft CBD company making specialty products on a small scale. In 2018—just a year after it was founded—the company was already getting recognition as one of the top CBD brands. This was perfect timing, as the Farm Bill passed the same year, making CBD legal in all 50 states and clearing the path for Royal CBD to expand its reach.

Though Royal CBD has had some time to find its footing, the company seems to be in a perpetual state of rebranding. Its snail’s pace progress makes sense because the company is doing its best to grow its base without growing out of its loyal customers or losing its focus on quality.

This is a major challenge for any CBD company due to changes in sourcing and manufacturing processes as production increases—not to mention the need to keep up with the pace of customer service without sacrificing attention to detail.

In order to maintain control as it expands, Royal CBD has kept its new product releases to a trickle, revealing just one to three new products a year since 2018. The company started with an increased range of concentrations and flavors for its oils—including a super-concentrated 2,500mg option. A wildly popular THC-free CBD cream is the most recent addition to the Royal line.

Points of Interest

“Don’t go average, go Royal,” is a phrase found on Royal CBD’s website, but none of the branding really screams “Royal,” other than the prices. The quality of the full-spectrum oil is good, but it wouldn’t be our first choice if we were trying to impress a visiting monarch. Despite the gold touches on the packaging, we don’t get the vibe Royal CBD is trying to put out. This may be something that changes as the company continues to respond to customer feedback.

Royal CBD’s pricing may have been more competitive before the Farm Bill passed and CBD companies exploded onto the market. The increased demand for CBD, along with an expanded supply of raw materials (hemp farms can now be found in almost every state) and the sheer number of offerings, have driven prices down. Royal’s products and quality simply do not justify the cost anymore.

If, however, the company can manage to improve its full-spectrum formula, once again creating a truly artisanal product in comparison to other companies in the industry, then its higher prices will be justified. It is apparent that Royal CBD has not yet completely settled into its identity, so a major formula upgrade may be in the company’s future.

Royal CBD’s Process

Royal CBD states that it partners with Colorado farms using organic agricultural methods to grow their hemp, and that it uses organic practices in all phases of production, from seed to shelf. The company uses all-natural ingredients to make its products, including its creams and gummies, and it uses organics when possible.

CBD companies often make claims about the methods they use for hemp cultivation and processing; however, these can be difficult to prove to consumers. Red tape on the road to organic certification is thick, and this is especially true in the hemp industry. The process is difficult and costly, and most companies simply state that they use organic practices and ingredients, foregoing the rigmarole of actually getting certified.

Testing and Extraction

The lack of documentation verifying CBD company claims forces consumers to be vigilant about the CBD they purchase, and companies must find ways to build trust with their customers.

Royal CBD mentions no certification on its website, but it states that its source farms test the soil for heavy metals and other toxins before planting; they only use naturally derived pest-control products on their plants, and they harvest either mechanically or by hand.

In addition to the ethically cultivated hemp, Royal CBD uses the most natural CBD extraction process available in the industry. CO2 extraction produces a cleaner flavor, preserves a greater number of nutrients and cannabinoids, and does not require the use of solvents. The fact that it can be achieved at lower temperatures means that the finished product is as close to the original plant as possible.

Lab Results

Third-party lab results are the bare minimum information that a website should include to give consumers peace of mind.

Consumers should never make a CBD purchase from a company that does not invest in independent lab testing, and they should insist on seeing the results before buying anything. This is not difficult if the company already has the results, and making the lab results accessible should be at the top of any CBD company’s web-development priorities.

Royal CBD uses independent labs to test each batch of CBD, but they do not display the results on their website. This seems a little deceptive, since every page on the site mentions testing—often in more than one place.

The home page even includes an infographic on how to read their lab results. Yet you have to specifically request lab results from the company in order to see them. This does not create reassurance for customers, and forces one to question the legitimacy of the company’s statements regarding purity and potency. Simply sharing the results up front would be an easy fix to this problem.

Royal CBD: Product Lineup

Royal CBD has a super-basic lineup of products, but each one has been carefully crafted with naturally derived and organic ingredients. CBD oil is Royal’s cornerstone product, and its newer CBD cream is a favorite among consumers. We were happy to see some THC-free options—like gummies and topicals—in addition to the full-spectrum CBD oil, but it would be nice to see a THC-free CBD oil in the future.

If you’re looking for a lot of variety, or for products boosted with additional ingredients to help you target specific problems, this is not your company. There is nothing fancy about Royal’s products. However, if you are into a simple selection that makes your choices easy, then Royal CBD is a good place to start.


Full-Spectrum CBD Oil: Royal’s CBD oil only comes in a full-spectrum formula, but you can choose between four different concentrations. All bottles are 30mL (approximately one ounce). At the lowest end, the 250mg concentration is perfect for people who are just getting started with CBD.

The highest concentration, 2,500mg, is intended for people with a higher body weight, or for those who know their tolerance and need higher doses. Most concentrations come in berry, mint, or vanilla flavors; or you can go with the natural flavor for the purest experience. All concentrations are made with hempseed oil as a carrier, except for the 500mg bottle, which is made with MCT oil.

CBD Topicals

CBD Cream (Cool Relief Balm): This CBD cream is made with Royal CBD’s broad-spectrum formula, which means it contains no THC. Olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax form the base; capsaicin, ginger, peppermint and eucalyptus create cool relief; and lavender provides a soothing finish. A three-ounce jar contains 500mg of CBD, which is the only option for this product.

CBD Capsules

CBD Softgels: Royal CBD’s softgels are designed to be easy to swallow, but they only come in a 25mg per capsule concentration, which may be a bit much for anyone new to CBD. The capsules are formulated with Royal’s full-spectrum CBD, which is suspended in MCT oil for easier digestion, and each bottle contains 30 softgels.

CBD Gummies

Royal CBD Gummies: You can choose between 10mg and 25mg gummies; each jar contains 30 pieces. Bottles are a mix of strawberry, orange and grape flavors. These gummies are vegan, and are made with Royal’s CBD isolate formula, meaning they are free of THC and have a mild flavor without the bitterness that comes naturally in full- and broad-spectrum formulas.

CBD Pet Products

CBD Dog Treats: Each treat contains 5mg of CBD, and they come in three different formulas to meet Fido’s wellness needs. Choose between treats with turmeric for healthy joints, treats with superfoods like blueberries and flaxseed for immune and heart health, and treats with L-theanine and chamomile to help alleviate canine anxiety.

Lab Results and CBD Quality

We sent Royal CBD’s 500mg full-spectrum CBD oil for lab testing, and the bottle actually contained a little more CBD than the label indicated.

Unfortunately, the cannabinoid profile for this product makes it a disappointing full-spectrum formula. If you are interested in seeing the full lab results, along with an in-depth analysis, check out CBDStudy’s review of Royal CBD.

Our Royal CBD Shopping Experience

At first glance, Royal CBD seems to be completely transparent, making exciting claims about the traceability of its products and its organic processes, and even going so far as to provide an infographic demo explaining how to read its lab results.

A search for substance and support for the company’s claims, however, comes up empty-handed. Royal does not provide any of its lab results online, and there is nothing on the site to back up any of the other statements.

Information is scattered all over the website, making it difficult to shop, and difficult to understand the company or its products. General product descriptions are succinct, but there are dropdown boxes at the bottom of each page that include detailed information about CBD in general as well as the individual product.

The home page is organized and clean, but every other page is cluttered with text explaining why Royal CBD’s products are great, what’s awesome about CBD and some basic information about the subject of the page itself. But as noted above, the pages contain more buzzwords than valuable information.

Royal CBD’s blog is quite well organized into categories, including “CBD Knowledge,” with useful articles you can read to learn more about CBD, and “Local Guide,” which includes articles detailing CBD laws in each state. These articles are fairly impressive, and the state-by-state legal guide is handy.

Shipping and Returns

Most companies require a minimum order for free shipping, and they take their time getting your products out to you. Royal’s shipping and return policies, however, are generous and indicative of the company’s care for its customers. All orders qualify for free shipping, with no minimum purchase, and you can expect to get your order within three to five business days.

If you try your CBD product and are not satisfied, you have 30 days to return the unused portion for a refund. As long as the container is half full, you can expect a full refund. This gives you two weeks to try any product you order at the recommended daily dose. If the product is just not effective for you, the customer service team will be happy to help you find the right dose and send you a coupon.

Final Thoughts on Royal CBD

Royal CBD may be going through some growing pains, but if all the company’s claims of high-quality, organic practices and third-party lab tests are true, it has the foundation for a successful expansion. The company simply needs to add some substantiation to its claims and organization to the information on its website.

Showing customers lab results and making products truly traceable—rather than bragging about it but failing to follow through with something tangible—is one of the most important things a CBD company can do to grow and legitimize itself in the market.

In addition to taking steps to become truly transparent, Royal CBD will need to improve its full-spectrum formula in order to be more competitive. The current formula has some great elements to it. The issue we have, however, is that the formula falls flat on its promise to produce a full entourage effect.

The concentration of THC and minor active cannabinoids is too low, and the profile is too narrow. Royal’s higher prices might be justified if the full-spectrum formula was more well-rounded and robust. The company is likely to achieve that goal in the future, as long as it allows its quality to catch up to its growth.

For now, we are waiting to see how Royal CBD evolves as its customer base expands. For a more detailed analysis of the company’s formula and product offerings, check out CBD Study’s review of Royal CBD.

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