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CANNABIS CULTURE – Struggle, stress, and emotional confusion and guilt. Just a few words to describe growing up in conservative America when it comes to Cannabis. I was born in 1966 and grew up in the Southern States. Each Sunday service guaranteed you reminders about living the straight and narrow. One subject I remember well from multiple Pastor — no matter how you look at it — Marijuana is bad and will destroy you and your loving family will be heartbroken over your use of “the smoke.”

Sad irony was that they were not really looking at Cannabis at all. These men of influence had the power to stigmatize a plant and abused the crap out of that power. This plant has been around longer than civilization — so why the hell is it so evil and why was so much guilt levied against me and fellow users ?

Each of us have varied answers to that question but so similar. Man can be taught to hate what he does not understand and honestly for so many decades mans been taught to hate the herb. Most know the history of Northern America and the insane criminalization of Cannabis. Our legal system has terrorized nonviolent marijuana users and caregivers. I made sure growing up that I was cautious if I ever brought up ganja. I never really understood the depth of hate from my elders when it came to Cannabis. I learned that despite what hate and guilt came my way I knew that it helped me deal with being relocated six times during high school. That dirty little secret helped keep me sane from so much push to loose my shit.

That little secret protected me when my father would drink and abuse my mother. If I had drank like him I would have fought with him. That 17 year old walked away and smoked a joint. I was removed from him and I felt safe because the mental buffer created by marijuana. Grateful. Helpful dirty little secret. For the reader, why at this stage of my life am I writing my story ?

When I received my Parkinson’s Diagnosis and other related maladies I felt my world shift in focus and began taking stock in my life and what did I want to leave here after I am gone. Since I am not a wealthy man I choose to make the most I can of my voice and my experience with Cannabis. Honestly I know its because of cannabis I am here today. To give respect to a plant in my own way and reach out hoping to be supportive of other cannabis users or people considering using cannabis for their individual needs.

This was written to show respect to a plant that saved me from opioids that Doctors put me on and give back some of the saving grace I’ve received from the plant. I went into those doctors offices doing what I was supposed to. Trust the Doctor and do what he says cause he or she knows best. Bullshit.

I did trust and I did take to heart what the Doctor told me about severe anxiety and how to help ease the pressure of it on a daily basis. I took that clonopin multiple times daily as prescribed and built a tolerance.

Each visit I would tell the Doc I was worried about the tolerance and taking more to get the same effect. He said, “take them as I said to.” Well in a small bit of time I had a tolerance that required more daily pills.

I lost 102 pounds on those pills and almost died. My wife an RN used (here we go – hang on – wait for it: DEVIL WEED to lessen my withdrawals and ease me back
to sanity.) Those pastors and folks that cared so damn much when they were telling me that marijuana was just of the devil and evil. Where were they when I followed the damn rules of the doctors?

Where were they as I shook and cried from withdrawals resultant from doctor recommended dosages ? I am so thankful I lived to see legalization efforts actually bear fruit.

Now, Cannabis slows my Parkinson’s tremors and buffers me against anxiety. I use Rick Simpson Oil for my tremors and can hold a fork and eat and wipe my butt without issue. To those of you out there that are confused. It is possible to shake so much that cleaning your backside is impossible. The RSO gives me back many of my abilities. I can sit here and type this for you to read only because I can actually hit almost every key I try for on this keyboard.

There’s some irony for you.

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